Monday, April 11, 2016

::Sakura 2016::

日本語ver. → こちら

The last weekend was the last chance to see sakura blossoms in Tokyo this year.
Most of cherry blossoms in Tokyo bloom at the same time and flowers fall down very quickly in like a week or two.
Here are the cherry blossoms I got to see this year.

March 31st at Yasukuni Shrine and Chidorigafuchi.

Yasukuni Shrine is a very fun place to visit during cherry blossom season because there are so many food stalls to get some nice food.

We had wonderful dinner time!

Stir fried noodles :) 

Sakura trees by the water are lit up like this and they are so beautiful.

See the little Tokyo tower in the background?

My friends and I had a huge cherry blossom party at Yoyogi park on April 2nd, but the party was soooo fun that I forgot to take photos of blossoms...... So yeah, let's skip it.....

On the next day, April 3rd, CHII and I went to the Meguro river, one of the most famous and popular place in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing.
It was soooo crowded with so many people who came to see the beautiful sakura.


The tunnel of Sakura over the river.

Last year, I came here at night and it was so beautiful as well.

The variety of most of cherry blossom trees in Tokyo is called Somei Yoshino. This is why the sakura season in Tokyo lasts only about a week. They bloom and fall all at once.

Last weekend, my friend came over to Tokyo from Kyoto.
It was a little bit too late for Somei Yoshino but we got to see few other variety of sakura still in bloom in Hamarikyu.

I love the flowery season we have in Japan.
It makes me wanna step out and dance♪

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