Friday, April 22, 2016

::Delicious Spring::

日本語ver. → こちら

Good food makes your life so much better!!
I attended two different wine parties and learned so many delicious dishes at my friend's cooking lesson this month.

My friend and I were luckily invited to the Italian lunch party with nice wines on the other day.
The main chef who organizes this party twice a month used to cook for the four seasons hotel and the hotel New Otani. Every food he cooks is so good.

A variety of wines are served. I liked the red sparkling wine that they had.

I didn't get to eat this one..... darn it....

Risotto stuffed in green peppers! I need to know the recipe. 

*Photos above are taken by my friend, Kiyomiya-san :)

It was such a gorgeous way to spend the Saturday lunch time. 


A couple of days ago, I went to my friend's place for a cooking lesson she has every month.

Perry the beautiful cat :)
She is so shy that I hardly could take a picture of her. But finally I got this cute shot of her this time. Isn't she so cute???

Anyways, we cooked 5 different dishes this time.

Spring rolls (triangles to be exact) with shrimp and cheese.

With Japanese basil sauce.

Stewed chicken and egg plant.

Seasoned rice with octopus. Yummy!!!! 

Strawberry chiffon cake for dessert!

Quick and so easy.
Cooking is so much more fun when we share the fun time with friends.
I'm already looking forward to the next lesson in next month!

Last month, a new mall called "NeWoman" was opened by one of the biggest stations in Tokyo.
I had some little time to kill after lunch on the other day, so I was just browsing a bit inside the mall. 

Blue Bottle Coffee :)

Fresh greens and chic furniture.

There weren't many things that are new... but the entire space was chic!

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