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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

::Vogue Fashion's Night Out::

日本語ver. HERE

The whole Harajuku and Aoyama area was jammed with chic people to celebrate the new season.
It was my 4th time to come to this event and I realized how big it has grown in several years.

It was such a fun night since my close friends came to join me this year!

Huge stairs at Omotesando Hills where the opening ceremony took place.

And yes, I was in kimono this year!
I will put up another post on the total look later this week.

My favorite couple whom I've known since we were in college in the states.

611 shops participated in this event. 
Some of them were offering finger food and/or drinks.


Loveless /  Guild Prime.
I know... I still don't know how to make the camera work well in dark places...
Can somebody teach me???

Loveless is one of my favorite stores in Aoyama area and they were giving away some cute rings and fans.

Lisa and Me with a free bottle of beer :)

I was being a camera nerd for a whole night. 

I loooove spending time with these two!! 

We found this guy in front of PLEATS PLEASE shop. 
He was like "Please find me on Facebook!!! Thank you so much!!! " but yep.... I totally forgot the name to search for on Facebook.... Does anybody know his name???? 

Our last stop was Laforet Harajuku. Lisa bought a new pair of United Nude booties there and they got us free tickets to get into a party room on the 6th floor. 

 It was such a nice fun night!!
Since I was in kimono which made it impossible for me to try on some cloths, I didn't buy anything. But browsing "New Arrivals" for the new season was so exciting!

I'm already looking forward to the next FNO! 

Thank you for reading.