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Monday, February 16, 2015

::(shopping for) Valentine's Day 2015::

Hello everyone!! How was your Valentine's day?
Valentine's day is a big chocolate day here in Japan.
Chocolate stores are full of girls trying to get the best chocolate gift for someone they care for.
Last Wednesday was a day off and had my eyelash extension done in the morning.

After that, I wanted to try their new Brooklyn D&D doughnut at Mister Donut
Strawberry one that I had was really good! 
Try it if you have a chance to drop by one of their shops.

I went home to change myself into a casual kimono look
and headed to Omotesando for Valentine's day shopping.

My favorite chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hevin :)
Their shop at Omotesando hills was so busy on that day, 
and girls were making a long line.
It took me a half hour before I stepped into the store!

Valentine's day special boxes :)

I randomly chose milk chocolates from the show case
cause my partner doesn't like ones that are dark and bitter.
My favorites are their macarons!!
Since he's not a big fan of them, I bought some for myself.

Limited packaging for VD.
Kinda looks like chrome hearts.... No?

Macaroooooons for me :)
It's surprising that I could leave them untouched until the VD.

I got something else for people at work too.
VD here in Japan is a good reason for girls to spoil themselves :P

Thanks for reading!