Tuesday, February 10, 2015

::Food Diary:: Feb. 2015

Food diary vol. Feb. 2015 :)
It has been really cold recently.
That means winter is almost over and spring is coming on its way there.

We had hot pot dinner at our favorite place.

I think I posted about this a few months ago.
This is my favorite dish at this place!



Spicy cod roe.

And the other day at Din Tai Fung.
Their dim sum is the best that I've ever heard.
I want to go to their original restaurant in Taipei!

Spicy sour soup.

and..... macarons from Sadaharu AOKI for dessert :)

I chose Geimai tea and Chocolate macarons.
They told me to get these out of fridge 10 mins before eating them.
It make them melt more softly and taste better!

And another sweet thing from Auntie Anne's Pretzels.
I had this for a coffee break last Sunday.
Their pretzels are really soft when they are freshly baked.

Yummy stuff all over!!