Friday, October 31, 2014


Sunny Saturday at Omotesando :)
We started a sunny warm day with Hawaiian lunch at a terrace.

Such a nice day for having beer!

Hawaiian beer called "Big Wave" is fresh and fruity.
I just love it.

The weather was so great for having lunch at a terrace.

Bottom :: MET
Boots :: ASH
Hat :: H&M
Bag :: Chloe

It was a little bit too hot for long boots and knit top.....

After walking around for a couple of hours,
took a break at my favorite juice place in Omotesando Hills.
forbidden fruit (Facebook page)

My favorite is Super Green Liquid :)
I think they make the best green juice in Tokyo.
(though I haven't gone to not many other juice places.....)

and.... my new love in my wardrobe, tada!

Baby Sac de Jour bag from Saint Laurent.
I just fell in love with this color (lipstick red).

Can't wait to go out with this little one.