Monday, October 20, 2014

::Feeling Winter::

Hot pot season is here :)
Last week, we went to Xiao Fei Yang, the biggest Chinese hot pot restaurant.

Medicinal herb hot pot contains lots of garlic, ginseng, leeks, wolfberries etc....
Great dinner to warm up yourself in cold weather.

We ordered lamb and pork.

I like the red soup on my side, which is super spicy!
Hot pot makes me feel winter is already around the corner.

The other day in Shinjuku,
we had Udon as dinner at one of the famous place called "Tsurutontan".

Here udon is served in a huge bowl!

Udon is the best food when your stomach is not in a good condition.
My mother used to cook this for me when I was sick in bed.

It made my heart full and warm :)
What is your favorite food in cold season?