Wednesday, October 29, 2014

::Carré Chanel::

The weekend before my birthday, 
my partner took me to a restaurant in a CHANEL building in Ginza.
Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo was founded in collaboration with CHANEL.

The elevator to Beige :))

Cheers to Coco :)

Variety of mushrooms with truffle

Roasted beef with chestnuts.

They have 12 different cheese you can choose from. 
I chose the yellow washed cheese with red wine.

Dessert started with camellia chocolates with Chanel logo.

carré CHANEL chocolat-praliné with hazelnut ice cream.
Everything was sooooo good and beautiful :)

I ordered a herb tea with the dessert, 
and they brought variety of fresh herbs and blended them for me.

It was such a great dinner with beautiful view of Ginza.
They gave me a little box of macaroons when we were about to leave.
It was such a wonderful experience. Thank you, my love.