Friday, September 26, 2014

::Jewelry Making::


Last weekend, I went for material hunt in Asakusa-bashi area
for creating original accessories.
Buying finished products at stores is much easier but more expensive,
and making my own ones can be much more fun.

I lost track of time while looking for parts out of so many selections.

Feather to metal parts I got this day.

Feather, lemon stone, and lapis for....

Hair accessory.

By switching the end,
it becomes the decorative accessory for kimono, called "Netsuke".

I also made earrings with lapis and black tassels.

I love the color of lapis.
I though of using imitated ones for low cost,
but the color of natural ones is more deep and mysterious.

It wasn't so difficult than I thought.
When you can't find any with designs that you like,
making your own is one good solution. :))

Thank you for reading.