Friday, June 27, 2014

London Day 2 ::Cotswolds::

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Day 2 in Cotswolds.
To be exact we headed to the village called Stroud to have a business meeting.
This place is 1 and a half hours away from Paddington by train.
I was surprised the train fare can be so different depending on the time you are traveling,
on peak or off peak.

Waiting for the platform info to come up.
When we got off the train,
this peaceful and quiet view was waiting for us.

Sheep everywhere :))

They are growing British traditional herb, elderflower in this plant.

They were just in the flowering season.

Most of the houses in this area are made of these stones.
I love this peter rabbit feeling of the lake land.
We had a nice lunch, hearing the sound of a river stream.

Soon after the lunch we headed back to Paddington.
When I was little, I saw some books of Paddington bear.

....and here he is!
I don't remember any of the stories behind this bear...
But we dropped by this store to get some souvenir for kids :)

Dinner time!!!

and finally fish 'n chips.
It was bigger than my palm!
I've heard some rumors about British dish to be overcooked.
But this one was nicely and softly cooked and tasted delicious with tartar.

To be continued...