Wednesday, June 25, 2014

London day 1 ::first dinner in London::

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My last week was full of adventure!
I flew to London as a business trip, 
and it was my very first time in the UK.

We had a very comfortable flight from Haneda airport to Heathrow.

Our flight was at 8:50 in the morning.
Breakfast was served at the JAL lounge with champagne before boarding :) 
During 12 and a half hours of flight, 
I finally got to see "Frozen" and "Dallas Buyers Club".
"Frozen"..... everybody seems to love it and I liked all the music in it,
but not the story itself.
hmm... well this is just my opinion.

As soon as we landed in Heathrow, we took the express train to Paddington Station.
woahhh I like this huge arcade :)

After we took some rest at the hotel,
had a little walk around the station to find a good place for dinner.

St. James church.... I suppose.

I thought the first dinner in London should be something British,
but the place we chose was Italian.

Italian salad

This lasagne was soooo good :))

The weather in London was nicer than I expected, not humid like Tokyo at this time of a year.
It was nice to have dinner at the terrace.

To be continued...