Wednesday, June 4, 2014

::Bye bye, till 2019::

"National Stadium" in Tokyo ended its history on May 31st.
It was built for Tokyo olympic in 1964.

For its last day before closing, 
some of legendary soccer players gathered here and had a memorial game.

Even though I don't know much about soccer, 
I recognized some of the players.

Players were really relaxed and the game was really fun to watch.

It was a really really really hot day so I couldn't help having some beer and snack.
This stadium's capacity is about 50,000 people.
By the end of game, the seats were almost full.

After its closure, this stadium is going to be taken apart.
Then they will build a new stadium with capacity of 80,000 by 2019 for Tokyo Olympic in 2020.

This is the design of the new stadium.
It looks like a huge spaceship.

Looking forward to seeing this in 2019.

Thanks for reading.