Wednesday, May 7, 2014

::Holiday Food Tour::

My bff and I had a great time together from early morning on last Tuesday.

Lauderdale is one of the restaurants open from 8 am in Roppongi area.
We got here around 9 am but there are already many people having breakfast.

I ordered Salmon & Bacon Eggs Benedict.
Their hollandaise sauce is the best that I've had so far :)
We talked and laughed so much then lost track of time. 
It was almost noon when we got out of that place.

After shopping in Roppongi hills, we had nice gelato for a break.
This place is from our home, Nagano.
Mmmmm, yum.

We took a bus to Omotesando area searching for some place to have some drink.
The weather was nice so we decided to have some beer in open-air space "246 Common"
This is my favorite beer stand.

Two bottles of beer in the warm weather felt really good...
Yes... I'm aware I eat too much....
My only excuse is that we walked all the way to Shibuya area from 246 common
to burn some calories... :P

Anyway, this is the great way to spend a day off with my bff.
We'd better plan it again sometime soon.

Thanks for reading!