Wednesday, July 5, 2017

::Summer Pear::

日本語ver. → こちら

A couple of months ago, I found out Kimono Sarasa was looking for someone who can work with them at their shop and thought I could be a little help for them when my schedule allows. 
Last Sunday, I worked at their booth in the antique market at Matsuya Ginza.

I've known Kimono Sarasa for a while since I started wearing kimono and they have beautiful antique kimonos like this.

Of course I was standing at their booth in kimono.
It is already the season of summer kimonos and was such a hot day...
I chose a yukata and wore it as a summer kimono with a collar. 

Usually, I choose to wear a Hanhaba (half width) obi for casual occasions during summer. But the people who come to Ginza are sophisticated so I chose a summer obi with bellflowers for a more mature look.

Jungle collar.


8 hours at the booth passed really fast.
I used to work at a clothing store for several years but I've never done kimonos. 
I was a bit nervous because I don't have enough knowledge of the items they had at the booth, but people who came to look around were nice. 
It was such a great experience to learn more about kimono.

I'll be happy to help them when the next chance comes :)

Here is the another look with the same yukata↓

(Aug. 2015)

Another kimono look with the same obi↓

(Aug. 2016)

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