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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

::New Year at Home::

日本語ver. → こちら

HAPPY NEW YEAR★Hope your 2017 will be amazing and full of love♡

I spent my New Year holiday at my parents house for 5 days. 
The weather in my hometown was beautiful during my stay. 

My friends who are also from my hometown gave me a ride from Tokyo. Thanks!

Reunited with the cutest little ones :)

Lucky and Miyako.
No need to say but... they conquer you with this cuteness.

On New Year's eve, I helped my mother cook Japanese traditional New Year dish "Osechi"(Wiki).

Steamed chicken rolls. 

Simmered veggies and fish cakes. (Nishime)

Candied dried sardines. (Tatsukuri)

Each dish has a meaning, such as staying healthy, good harvest, happiness etc.... 
My mother is a good cook and make beautiful Osechi like this every year. 
Everything goes well with sake. We love having some sparkling sake on New Year's day.

After celebrating the New Year with Osechi for breakfast, we visited the shrine to send some greetings.

My mother and I also climbed up the hill behind our house to visit the small shrine that she always visits every month.

This place used to be my playground for years when I was younger. 

And it was my second time to spend the New Year's day in kimono. 
The details on the look will be up here soon!

sea bream cooked in a salt crust.
Another Japanese traditional dish for celebration.

Morning cuddle with Miyako.

Curious little Lucky in a box.

How was your New Year holiday?

Thank you for reading.


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