Wednesday, October 19, 2016

::Autumn Walk::

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October, mornings and nights get so much cooler but a bit too early for red leaves. It is the best time to wear my falling leaf kimono. 

I went out to have some more photos taken in Daikanyama last weekend in kimono this time. 

Listening to EDM on train in happy mood♪

Beautiful leaves drawn on dark brown base. 

With diamond pattern.

Total look.


Bag from Sophie Hulme

Pyracantha, bearing fruit. A sign of autumn.

When we were shooting in a park, many kids were in Halloween costumes and playing together. My kimono was accidentally in pumpkin colors so I felt like I was a part of them. Should I get some Hallween obi to pair with this kimono?

Thanks to Hiroaki Saito for the above photos

I wore this kimono to see my friend's photograph exhibition last year with a different obi.
Click the below link to see the whole article on this look↓

(Oct. 2015)

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