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Monday, October 3, 2016

::Tweed by Sumire Ishioka::

日本語ver. → こちら

Been a while since I posted last! The weather was so glumpy during the whole month and so didn't get a chance to wear any kimono. 
Maybe it is time to get a polyester kimono for rainy days?

Anyway, October is one of the most exciting months through a year because many exhibitions and presentations from my favorite kimono brands are held to start the kimono season (Oct.-May.)

One of the kimono artists, Sumire Ishioka, that I follow was having her very first presentation at Daikanyama last weekend. I was so excited to finally see her creations.

photo borrowed from Sumire Ishioka's facebook.

She makes beautiful kimonos with her original tweed fabric. She recently graduated from a kimono school and started off her brand by creating a tweed kimono art book last year. 

In addition to her original tweed, she also buys some fabric used for CHANEL from Europe.
Aren't they so beautiful???? 
I tried on one of these kimonos and felt so comfortable in it.

Color samples.

Sumire Ishioka, the designer.

When she launched her art book, I went to see the exhibition but couldn't talk to her there.
It was so heartwarming that she remembered me there and finally we could talk to each other.
She is such a sweet woman that I really admire.

This vivid pink guy showed me his fur collection and he is super funny... LOL.
Blue fox snood was tempting to me though... 

Theeeeese cute zouri!!! I love them so much.

Photo borrowed from her facebook feed.

I'm already looking forward to seeing her next season. 

Check out her website or facebook to see the details of her creations!

Thank you for reading.


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