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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

::Luxury in Nature::

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Last weekend, I had a quick trip back home.
We had some extra time after a meeting on Sunday, so we had a drive to Azumino area for a gorgeous lunch.

French restaurant surrounded by woods.

A little fireplace was making the entire restaurant really warm :)

They have a prix-fixe menu for lunch.

The appetizer was gorgeous!!
I love the way they arrange each dish. 

I had marinated fish and vegetables,

carrot soup,

beef stewed in red wine

and apple pie for dessert! 
Everything was so delicious that I finished them all.

We couldn't breathe and talk after that.... We were so FULL!!!

We had a wonderful time before coming back to Tokyo. 
Thanks to my mother for taking us there :)

This little one at my parents' house was getting so big! 
I was so sad that I didn't have much time to cuddle with him. 

Compared to Tokyo, winter in Nagano is much colder so a down jacket is a must-have!
There was still snow on the ground but it felt some signs of spring there too.

Thank you for reading.


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