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Monday, July 13, 2015


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Hope this is the end of rainy season. It was so hot like over 30 degrees C last weekend.
I was so happy to see the sun out.
My friend and I went to grab our lunch at OCEAN PEOPLE '15 which was held at Yoyogi Park.
It is a "save-the-ocean" festival run by a NPO.

They had about 20 of cute beachy shops.
It was so much fun just looking around.

Our lunch!!!

Who says no to beer in this summer heat????

Beachy photo frames.

Beachy bracelets.

Beachy art pieces.

I love their bracelets and already own about 10 of them.
They were having a temporarily sale!

Flipflop shops where you can choose the soles and straps to make your own pair.

We got matching pairs!! 
The one with pink straps is mine. 
They are only 1,080 yen a pair!! What a deal!

They also had live music performances on the stage but we didn't have much time to stay for that... Maybe next year!!!
It was such a nice day which made me feel summer is finally here in Tokyo!

Thank you for reading.