Monday, January 19, 2015

::Sweet Picking::

Strawberries are in season!
We went to Tochigi which is famous for their brand of strawberries, Tochi-Otome.

They are also growing their own brand, Tochi-Hime, which is bigger than Tochi-Otome.
We picked them this time.

Inside of the plastic greenhouse was really warm and nice.

They were big and sweeeeeet :))

I ate about 20 of them this day!
Usually these places are open for strawberry picking until around the end of Feb.
This has been our yearly event after New Year.

The city in Tochigi, Sano, is famous for Sano ramen.
We had this for late lunch on the way back home.

I love Tochigi with all the tasty foods and hotsprings!

Thank you for reading.