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Friday, April 25, 2014

::Osaka trip day 2::

日本語ver. HERE
We didn't have anything planned for the second day of our trip.
The huge aquarium is just about 15 mins away from USJ,
so we took a little ferry.

Breakfast at the hotel
They had freshly baked croissants.

This one seemed to be sleeping and having some dream...

Think this one was sleepy....
I watched him/her for a couple of minutes,
s/he fell asleep and almost drowned him/herself.
Couldn't help taking a photo... :p

Osaka is famous for the traditional dish called "okonomiyaki". (refer Wikipedia)
This restaurant "Ajinoya" is one of the most popular places,
we waited for about 30 mins before they got us seated.
Their okonomiyaki is the best that I've ever had.

We also had "Takoyaki" for dinner the night before.
This is one of my favorite Japanese food. 
Tastes similar to "Okonomiyaki" but they are shaped like ping pong balls
with octopus inside.

After we walked around Umeda area for a couple of hours,
we decided to head back to Tokyo.
The taxi driver told us to get steamed buns at 551 Horai as souvenir.

Osaka full of yummy stuff!
2 days are not enough to try all of them.
Better plan another trip there sometime.

Thank you for reading.