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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

::dancing vibes::

photo borrowed from wallpaper stock
When I was studying at college in the states,
dancing was a big part of my life outside of school.
I met a great dance instructor and spent most of my free time at a studio or a gym.

Actually I wasn't so good at it but fatigue after each session always felt good. :)
Since then, I love to watch great dancers on TV or YouTube or in music videos.

Here are some of the dancers I love to watch.

Les Twins

I first saw these guys, I couldn't get my eyes off the screen.
And I also love this song that they are using called "Ants" by edIT.
You can find the video in which they perform with Beyonce.


I saw this one so many times....
They are the great dancers with a great sense of comedy.

Hamutsun Serve

They also performed in Madonna's music video "4 minutes" featuring Justin Timberlake.

There are a lot more that I like... 
My recent favorite is Les Twins :)

Miss dancing with my friends in the states!!

Thanks for reading!