Wednesday, April 1, 2015

::Sakura Scenery:: Ueno Park + Meguro River

About a week from last weekend has been great time for sakura viewing.
I had a little sakura viewing tour in kimono to Ueno park and Meguro river 
which are famous for beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

Ueno park was so busy with so many people who came to see Somei-Yoshino.
There is no wonder, because you can see 1,000 of these beautiful cherry blossom trees here.

People having Ohanami (sakura viewing) parties :)

Me walking through the crowd.

It was such a hot day! Why not have a beer under sakura trees???

Just after 15 mins drive from Ueno park,
we arrived at Meguro river to see about 800 cherry trees in full bloom.

This river used to be a lot narrower than it is now,
and it was causing the river to overflow.
So they did a construction to widen it.
To celebrate completing the construction, they planted these cherry trees along the river.

They also have lanterns on and trees lit up at night.
The scenery is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Love this view!

We also went to Chidori-gasaki and Yasukuni shrine on the other day.
The post about it will follow soon :)

Hope you all have a chance to see beautiful views like this!

Thank you for reading.