Friday, April 10, 2015

::Yellow Blossoms::

Last weekend in Chiba vol.2.
There is a huge undersea tunnel which connects Yokohama area to Chiba prefecture. 
We went through the tunnel and dropped by Umi-Hotaru, a parking area with many restaurants.

Can you guess what this is??

When they built this huge tunnel, it was used to dig out under the sea.
I have seen this a couple of times before
but it was the first time to look at it this close.
I felt like a veggie going into a huge food processor.


After having a little breakfast at Umi-Hotaru,
we found a nice place with rape blossoms and a railroad.

As we went further from there to the takenoko restaurant (link to the previous post HERE),
we found a beautiful place with full of rape blossoms

We saw about 10 people carrying full size cameras around here.

Wish the weather was nice and the sky was blue!

Which flower to hunt next???

Thank you for reading.