Monday, April 6, 2015

::Festive Mood:: Chidori-gafuchi + Yasukuni Shrine

Cherry blossoms have fallen already in Tokyo.
Since the best time to see the blossoms last about a week or less,
sakura viewing is like MATSURI (which translates to festival) in Japan.

Last Monday, we went to Chidorigafuchi and Yasukuni shrine like we do every year, 
and had a festive night there.

The gate of Yasukuni shrine.

Chidorigafuchi is located right across the shrine.
Both are also famous for the beautiful scenery of sakura.

Couples on boats. It must be really nice looking up to sakura from there.
People were making a huge crowd trying to take a photo of this view.

Arches of Sakura.
I think they are more pink than those at Ueno park and Meguro river.

After a walk to Chidorigafuchi,
we came back to the shrine to have some festive dinner here.
There are so many stands like this.

Octopus balls stand.
This is a must-eat when you come to matsuri :)

Our dinner this day.

Candy covered fruits.

Obanyaki, a cake with sweet filling. 
This one has sweet young soybeans inside.

Steamed potato with butter.

Having meals outside feels nice :)
I want to have a barbecue party this year!

Thank you for reading.