Wednesday, April 8, 2015

::Bamboo Lunch::

Last weekend, we drove around in Chiba prefecture which is next to Tokyo.
He suggested having bamboo shoot lunch at a restaurant located in bamboo forest.
Takenoko (Japanese word for bamboo shoot) is famous around this area.

Stewed dish and baked fish.

Simply baked takenoko with miso sauce.

Fresh takenoko.

Vegetable tempura and deep fried takenoko.
I couldn't help having some beer with them :)

Seasoned rice with takenoko.

Takenoko is in season now, and everything was so good!

A view from seats inside the restaurant.

On the way home, we dropped by a place called "German Village".
Moss pink was in full bloom there.

The weather wasn't so nice on that day... 
So we didn't get to sit there and enjoy the scenery so much.
But it was a nice way to feel the beginning of spring.

Another post about this day will follow next :)

Thank you for reading.