Monday, April 13, 2015

::Dim Sum::

My food diary, April, 2015.
Nanxiang Mantou Dian (南翔饅頭店) is one of my favorite dim sum restaurants in Tokyo.
They are originally from Shanghai. I really want to visit there sometime.

They have really nice meat soup inside. 

steamed vegetable buns.

Fried shrimp cakes and tofu spring rolls.

Noodle soup.
That's a lot of food! I couldn't finish it all.

Sweet bean pie and mango pudding for dessert.
The pie was freshly baked and it was soooo good!

On the other day, I had a chance to eat eggs benedict for lunch.
"Slappy Cakes" originates from Portland, Oregon, where I used to live years ago.

Look at those potato wedges! 
I couldn't eat even a third of them.
But they are freshly fried and muffins are so soft.
I loved the whole plate :)

I got this vegetable benedict with two poached eggs.

For some reason, there are some newly opened restaurants and places in Tokyo
where they serve local specialties from Portland, Oregon.

They will open a first shop of Blue Star Donuts in Daikanyama, Tokyo this month.
I've been to one of their shops in Portland while I was there for new years →HERE

There is a pancake place also from Portland called "The Original Pancake House" in Harajuku 
which is famous for their special pancake, "Dutch Baby".
I wanna go try it sometime soon.

So.... yes as you can see I love food,
and this is my food diary from these days.

Thank you for reading!