Monday, April 20, 2015

::HOOTERS in Tokyo::

My very first time at HOOTERS!
They have 4 places in Tokyo and one in Osaka.
for details, click HERE

Hostess preparing seats for us.

It was just around quarter past 6 pm when we got there, 
so there weren't so many people inside.

The waitress who serves your table leaves her signature :)
Our waitress for this time was Samantha.

Spinach salad with prawns 
I love their honey mustard dressing.

Spicy fried chicken. Having ranch dressing with it feels I'm back in the states. 

And yes.... HOOTERS dance in Japan!!!
I've never been to one in the states, 
so I didn't realize this is only in Japan until a friend of mine in the states was surprised by it.

You can see their dance performance every hour here.

Last very fattening food of the night.
Texan burger with spiral fries.

And of course..... strawberry daiquiri has to come with it!

It was such a fun night. 
We are planning on coming back here to watch a soccer game.

Thanks for reading!