Thursday, April 16, 2015

::Izu Trip:: #tbt Spring 2013

I've never posted about it, so through back to spring in 2013!
We had a trip to Izu.

Waterfalls on the way to spa area.

Hot spring spouts out from the ground.

My favorite dish in Izu, simmered red bream.

The first time I did orange picking.
Once we started picking them, we realized one orange is good enough to eat at once....
So we ended up buying a bag of them back home.

Chilling on the beach of Izu...

Private open-air bath at our hotel.

Dinner after having a great time at spa.

The view from our room was awesome :)

The day 2 at.....

Alligator and banana park.
Some parts of  a Japanese movie "Thermae Romae" was filmed here.

They have lots of red pandas there. So cute :)

We had a little tour inside their greenhouse full of beautiful flowers.

On the way home, we dropped by Jogasaki to see beautiful cliff.

I'm a bit afraid of heights so.....
this was the best I could do.

But the water was clear blue and so beautiful.

I definitely wanna visit there again.

Where should we go for a spring trip this year?

Thank you for reading.