Thursday, February 4, 2016


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It's February! This winter is almost over and I'm looking forward to welcoming the warm spring.
I got new things in my kimono wardrobe last month, I wanted to try a new look with them last weekend.
My latest haul blog is HERE in case you are interested.


The antique kimono with simple and modern "Sarasa" pattern.
I looked it up on Wiki, and it says there is no clear definition for "Sarasa" but it is usually known as printed cotton fabric in Asia and Middle East.

Lacey collaged obi by CHOKO

This is the only tie I can do with a super long obi... I need to learn more different ways to tie this kind of obi.

To emphasize the color of pink as an accent, I chose these beautiful zouris in cherry blossom.

It's hard to find secondhand kimonos in light color like this, so I definitely have to take good care of it.

Thank you for reading.


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