Wednesday, March 26, 2014

::Mt. Takao part 1::

The weather was really warm and nice last Sunday.
I got up at 6 in the morning and left my place at 7 to avoid crazy traffic.
We went to see the view from the top of Mt. Takao.

As you can see....
We didn't hike the all way upthere...
We took 12 mins ride of this in the woods.

Mt. Takao has a huge forrest of Japanese cedars. 
This guy is about 450 years old and has roots like octopus.

To get to the shrine on top of this mountain,
you have to go up soooo many stairs...
good exercise!

The view from the top :)
There is Mt. Fuji showing.

When we got there, monks were singing Heart Sutra in a main shrine.
We just sat there and listen.
It was a good heart cleanse.

to be continued to part 2....