Friday, March 13, 2015

::Mandarine Orange::

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One of my old friends from elementary school got married 
and I was kindly invited to her wedding party.
I chose to wear a kimono in a way to celebrate it.

Actually there are so many rules for what to wear when you attend weddings.
This kimono called "Komon" is not ranked as a formal kimono
so it is not appropriate to wear this for wedding ceremonies and receptions.
But the wedding party was held at a darts bar and it was supposed to be casual,
so I chose this one.

On the same day, I had some meeting to attend with my friends in Shibuya
and needless to say, wearing a kimono is too much for a meeting which had nothing to do with fashion.
So I needed to do a quick transformation in a bathroom without a mirror!
I was so nervous about it because it usually took me to change about an hour even with a mirror.
But yes, I did it!

Closer look in details.
It took only 35 mins which is the fastest I got. I'm actually amazed by myself.
This is my favorite obi I wore also HERE and HERE.

I'm glad that I pushed myself into this time trial.
And also it was my first time to wear this mandarine orange kimono,
and I loved being in it.

The party was amazing and fun.
I got to reunite and catch up with my old friends.

Thank you for reading.