Friday, March 6, 2015

::Fake Bob::

Since it looks better to updo my hair when wearing a kimono,
one of my goals is trying more new updos this year.
I was searching for an easy hair style that I can do for days with no special occasion
and found this fake bob updo.
I tried this on the day I wore my colorful kimono HERE

I sent this photo above to my bestie saying "Look, I just had my hair cut!".
She really believed it! :P

How it looks from behind. It really looks like I had my hair cut.

You can recreate this look if you have middle-long hair,
by creating a little hair bun with bottom half from your ears,
tying top half into a very low ponytail,
flicking the end toward your scalp,
and pinning it in place under the hair bun.

Hair around my face is really long as you can see here,
so I curled it toward my face.
And it's done!

It's kinda hard describing the whole process in just words....
hope this helps though.

If you look from the sides, 
you can tell it's a fake bob.

I like this style because it is less sophisticated and not too formal.
This is now added to my list of favorite updos!

Thank you for reading.