Friday, January 9, 2015

::The End of Year in Portland::

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The end of my 2014 was full of reunions.
Portland is the city I lived in for almost 3 years for high school and college.
I finally got to visit there after 9 years.
My best friend who is currently studying in college there,
happened to be staying with the same host family for a year.
So thanks to her for giving me a reason to visit them!

After 9 hours of flight, my host parents and my bestie were there to pick me up at the airport!
I was so excited to finally see them.

My host dad welcomed me with nice Mexican lunch!
We used to come to this place often while I was there back then.

Their burrito was still good :)

Local train, Max.

Pioneer Place located in the middle of Portland downtown.
I used to shop here a lot.

After fighting against jet lag all day,
my bestie and I had a little feast with Shochu that I brought for her.

One of my favorite!

::Day 2::

I had a little reunion lunch with my friends from college.
They haven't changed at all!
It was so much fun catching up with those guys.

Doughnut place they took me to.
Their lemon buttermilk old fashioned doughnut was good!

Sales were everywhere after Christmas.

The tavern we went to for drinks.
It was kind of weird having drinks at a place like this with them,
because I was underage when I was here last time.

::Day 3::

I had a quality time with my dance gurus!
Dancing was a big part of Portland for me.
I spent so much time with them outside school.
There was a lot to catch up, and I had too many drinks....

I liked this strawberry lemonade.
The bartender asked me if I liked the strawberries and I said yes.

and he brought me extra strawberries! :)

::Day 4::

One of my host sisters used to go to the same school with me.
She had a day off so we had lunch together at a really good Italian place.

It was nice to have a chat with her.
It had been so long since I came back to Japan, and we are all grown up.
Wish I had more time to hang out with her.

After coming home...

My little host sister was lighting a stove.

and I got a new friend, Molly :)

Sisters trying to put little shoes on her.

Look how tiny she is! So cute :)

The city of Portland.
4 days were too short to spend enough time with my family and friends there.
I definitely need to go back there again soon.
It seems like either of my host sisters is going to get married within.... maybe 5 years???
I can never miss that chance to visit them again for that!

Thank you so much to everyone who made time to see me there.
I already miss you and am looking forward to seeing you next time.