Wednesday, January 28, 2015

::Gravity Free::

A Saturday at Enoshima beach :)
It's just an hour away from where I live by car.
Since I'm not really a beach person in bikini, 
beaches are not only a summer thing to me.

It was a little bit cloudy on that day 
but the sunlight coming down from the rift in the clouds was beautiful.

I love beaches nice and calm in this season.
Watching surfers waiting for waves is fascinating.

In that calmness with just the sounds of waves,
it felt like there was no gravity there.

Yes.... there was still the gravity....of course.


Take 2 in a sequence.

On the way home, 
we had Monja dinner. (What is Monja? -link to Wikipedia)
Special monja with spicy cod roe and cheese :)

and Yakisoba!


We also had the nice seaside lunch by the beach, too.
I will put up a post about it later :)

Thank you for reading.