Wednesday, January 21, 2015

::Strawberry Cranes::

日本語ver. HERE

Cranes are symbols of good fortune.
In our culture, we use motifs of them for celebration.

This obi with red and white cranes belonged to my mother.
She sent this to me when I started wearing kimono.
I wore this obi for the New Year lunch with my relatives this year

with the same kimono I wore for my visit to a shrine (link to the post of the day)

The "YEAH" box bag by Angel Jackson

Look from behind.

To sharpen the total look, I added a bit of dark green, blue and purple.

My grandma is an expert of kimono.
She fixed the knot. I'm still not really good at it.... 

It was really nice having lunch with my relatives including my parents.
Since my grandma lives far away from Tokyo,
this yearly event is a good opportunity for me to see her and hear how she's doing.
Hope to see her soon!

Thank you for reading.