Wednesday, January 7, 2015

::Japanese Style::

Back to Christmas 2014.
I didn't have a chance to post this one for a while, but I wanted to put this up.
My partner and I celebrated Christmas eve at a Japanese style restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.

They have a variety of veggies, sea food, and meat in season,
and cook them right in front of you in the counter.

leek with miso paste.


My Favorite!!! a prawn.

Meat on sticks.

Steamed rice with salmon and salmon eggs.

strawberry wrapped with rice cake.
Everything was so good!

I always like western style dinner with wine to celebrate Christmas, too.
But Japanese cuisine was also a good way to do that!

This winter has been really cold in Tokyo, too.
I wore my baby blue fox fur on that day.

Thanks for reading!!