Monday, May 29, 2017

::LOB Updo::

日本語ver. → こちら

For girls with lob or bob hair....!
Isn't it kinda difficult to style your hair with this length? 

For about 10 years.....

I had super long hair below my chest and it was kinda easy to style it as long as you don't have any problem braiding. 
And a couple of months ago, I just got it....

chopped into lob like this.
At the time, I didn't think much about when I wear a kimono. 
I just like having hair around my face line but this is kind of too long to show my neckline when I'm in a kimono.

So yes, I need to learn some easy updos for my hair now.

For the photoshoot we had the other day, I just needed my hair to look nice...
So yes, I tried this 3 layered updo.


sorry for the flyaways...

so here is my terrible drawing..... LOL
Blue line is an elastic band and red is pins.

Basically it is just 3 layers of topsytails.
But for the middle and bottom layers, the ends of topsytails are hidden and pinned.

This is how it looks like with long hair.
For short hair, the finished look is much smaller than this.
I wrote about this look above HERE step by step. Check it out if interested.

Style ②
For the previous look.

From the top:
Pompadour, topsytail, topsytail and topsytail with the end hidden.

I think it is very possible to add some braids to these styles as well.
Updo is possible for lob and bob hair for formal occasions!

For my visit to Japaran POP UP store, I just wore one of their beautiful headbands on the updo. 
The details of this look is HERE

I'll have try to figure out more styles with my lob hair!

My Hair Style Album of the year 2016↓
(Dec. 2016)

Thank you for reading!


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