Wednesday, July 9, 2014

::Own Creation::

Two months ago,
I went to a huge pottery festival in Kasama
and made my own pottery pieces with wheels.
The finished works got finally delivered to my place.

Before baking,
they looked like this.

Ta Da!

They look much better and smaller than I thought.
The person who taught us how to use wheels said
they would shrink by about 10 % during baking.

I think this feels about 30-40% smaller than the original size.

These below were supposed to be beer mugs.
But now I think they are a little bit too small for beer mugs....
maybe better for shochu (Japanese whisky.)

But all of them are my own design and I love them.
I already tried using the rice bowl,
everything tastes better with a bowl I'm attached to.

If I have another chance to do it,
better make it much bigger than I did this time.

Thank you for reading.