Friday, July 11, 2014

::my Tasty Life::


I assume everybody who read my blog (Thank you!) knows
I love food soooooo much!
Here is my random food diary of these days.

After work, I planned to watch a movie in a theater,
so dinner must be done in about 45 mins.
Japanese dish "Oden" is the best fast (and healthy) food for such occasion.

Oden with beer.... I just love it!

And another weekend, my friend invited me to his home warming party.
It was so much fun :))

He is an amazing cook and made all of this for us.
Felt like I was at a nice Italian restaurant.

Capellini with raw ham.

Roasted pork.
Everything was so good that I couldn't stop eating and drinking....

Then another Friday night at a bar I found close to my place.

It's been a while since I came to a calm and mature place like this.
We had a nice chat with tasty appetizers and champagne.

Have you ever heard of Japanese cherry called "Sato-Nishiki"?
It is just in season now.

Japanese cherries tend to be very sour and not so sweet...
but this Sato-Nishiki was the sweetest that I've ever had.
Hope to have them again before it is out of season.