Monday, July 7, 2014

London Day 5 ::Take a Walk in Green::

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Last day before flying back to Tokyo.
I was already in a mood of "don't wanna leeeeeave".

Breakfast at Hilton.
Fresh fruits and gluten-free muffins were so tasty.
I was going to see a friend from home who lives in London for 25 years at the evening,
so decided to take a long walk and shop around the city until that time.

St. James Church (again).
then to Kensington Gardens.

I thought London was always rainy and cloudy,
but the weather was nice during my stay. Lucky me :)

What a beautiful park.....
People are jogging, walking, tanning, sleeping, reading.....
Hope there was a place like this close near my place.

I saw a couple shooting their wedding photos here.
This place must be a great place for photo shoot.

A panorama view of Kensington Palace,
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's residence.

Then I had a hour long bus ride to Kings Cross.

and found the way to Hogwarts.
This area was sooo crowded with lots of tourists waiting for photo shoot.
Coming here alone is not so fun with nothing to do except for taking a photo of this.

Well...what I can do alone is shopping!
Took a train to Oxford street.... which was soooo crowded with londoners and tourists
shopping for Summer Sale.
As a shopaholic, sales in London are awesome!
I've got some nice stuff from selfridges :)
(as you might have already seen in my previous post.)

After crazy shopping, I met a friend from my hometown who has lived in London for 25 years.
She was so chic and fun, and I learned a lot while talking to her.
We had nice dinner and talk with wine in Notting Hill area.
I hope to see you sometime soon in Tokyo or back in Nagano, Kumi-san :)

My first time in London was great and fun.
I definitely want to go back there sometime soon.

Thank you for reading this long diary.