Friday, July 4, 2014

London Day 4 ::City of Art::

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London Day 4::
My co-worker flew back to Tokyo and
I extended my stay for 2 days to see more of this city.

I checked in Hilton London Paddington for these two nights.
This hotel is directly connected to the station 
and has good access to anywhere in central London.

It's not so big but nice and quiet.

My room :))

K, let's get going!
I took a bus to Victoria station.

Buses are not as crowded as trains and better to look around the city.

Again at Westminster Abbey.
This day, I went inside of the cathedral.

This hall way looks like the one in Hogwarts in Harry Potter movies.

I like this view from the hall way.
It took me an hour for the tour inside the cathedral.
It looked a bit smaller than I imagined when I saw the movie "Kings Speech".
But everything was so beautiful and glorious.

Then I took another bus from Victoria to Knights Bridge.
To have an artistic tour at Victoria and Albert museum.
It is amazing that many of museums in London offer free entrance.

The little garden inside of V&A.
Kids were playing in the water :))
After going through the garden,
I reached to a beautiful cafe.

Such a luxurious place to have lunch and tea.

They have variety of delis and hot meals available at the entrance of cafe area.

I chose chinese duck wrap with some veggies.
The museum was so big that I needed to plan which areas to see.

After lunch, I decided to see this exhibition "The Glamour of Italian Fashion."
It was a temporary exhibition supported by Bulgari.
This wasn't free but it was worth paying for.
I took a whole hour to see all the details.

They had the dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in "War and Peace"
and gorgeous Bulgari necklace Elizabeth Taylor wore in "Cleopatra".
I saw all other runway dresses from 1945 to present.
Valentino, Gucci, Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, Tom Ford, Fendi and etc....
It was an awesome exhibition.

These are from fashion section in entrance-free area.

Sculpture area.

I was there for almost 3 hours but it wasn't not enough to see all the areas.
If there is a chance to come to London again,
I will need a whole day for this museum.

Having walked all day long,
dropped by another pub to have fresh chicken salad and champagne.

To be continued....