Thursday, March 31, 2016

::Inspirational Day::


I got to see so many beautiful things last weekend.
Aguri Sagimori launched a new brand called "agris" and had the first exhibition of her Fall 2016 collection. 
She also produces beautiful textiles and accessories in collaboration with CHOKO, a kimono creator. I bought one of her hair accessories in last January. HERE is the link to my shopping diary.

A quick lunch I had before my fashion adventure :)
With my favorite Saint Laurent bag and Citrus stole.

The exhibition was so inspirational.
The atmosphere was built upon a beautiful story based on birds' courtship dance.

Love love....!

The collection is now up on her brand site HERE.

After that, we headed to Yebisu to visit a new kimono shop  "Chihana" which was opened on that day.

Soft and smooth scarves which are hand-dyed by the designer himself.
Each one of them is unique and so beautiful.

Shoes (zouri) made with hand-dyed deerskin.

Textile made for obi.

The day of inspiration by great creators and by nature.

Thank you for reading.


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