Tuesday, March 15, 2016

::Psychedelic Pop::

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Seems like winter is hesitant to leave us. The weather was so grumpy and cold last weekend.
To change the cloudy mood, I put on the kimono in vivid psychedelic colors and went to look around in the huge bookstore nearby my place.

Vitamin colors that bring me the happy mood.

It's been almost one year since I wore this kimono last.
The whole article on this look for the second-hand kimono market is HERE :)

I paired the kimono with the obi with diamond shaped pattern this time.

Sandwiched the deep green in between the kimono and the obi.

Boots instead of zouris.
The knitted hat is from Armani Jeans.

Bag :  Angel Jackson

Although the weather is still wintery these days, Sakura Forecast says cherry blossoms are about to bloom next week in Tokyo.
I'm looking forward to going out to see Sakura and celebrate the arrival of spring.

Thank you for reading.


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