Friday, February 13, 2015

::Hairdo Album:: 2013-2014

I've kept photos of hairdos I've done since 2013.
Here are some of the styles I've done for last two years.
Can't believe it was really hard for me to make the simplest braids 3 years ago.
Practicing really improves your hair-making skills!

Dutch braid updo I did for a summer weekend at a park.

Quick haido for my friend.

One of my favorite easy updos for work.

This style is great with a party look as well!! 
I wore it for →→::Safari Night::

This look can be created by just adding two braids from side to the updo above.

If you are used to making french braids, 
you can create this updo without looking at a mirror.
I wore this look for a day-off at a spa ↓

Casual pony tail look with a french braid on your clown.
I love this look because there is no hair around your face that irritates you during day.

Another casual look for summer with a hair band.
Simple hair bun looks more energetic with hair accessories.
More photos of this look →→::Ready for Summer::

Super easy fishtail bun you can do for 3 mins!
This style is effortless and makes your neck sexier and thinner.


Another simple french braid updo for medium to long hair.
You can create this look by making a french braid from your clown to the end of your hair,
and tuck the end under and pin it in place.

Updos for summer kimono looks.
Kimonos looks obviously better with no hair around your neck line.
I helped my bestie wear her yukata and did her hair for a night party on a boat last summer.

This look is almost the same as the style above that I did for my friend.
Instead of braid bun at the bottom, I made a twisted hair bun, inspired by Kate Middleton's style.

I haven't tried many new hair styles this year yet.
Since I decided to wear kimono at least twice a month,
I will have more chances to try new things on my hair.

Thank you for reading!