Wednesday, February 25, 2015

::Lunar New Year::

Happy (belated) Lunar New Year :)
I heard there was a lot of fun things going on at China town in Yokohama last weekend,
but I couldn't make it to see people dancing in celebration there.
So instead, I headed there to have Chinese dinner last Friday .

Main gate of the China town.

It was so bright with all the lights as usual.

It's so hard to choose a restaurant out of so many!!

We dropped by Kanteibyo Temple before dinner,
but unfortunately it was closed already.
It seemed like there were more red lanterns than usual.

It was just so beautiful.....

After walking around and looking for a restaurant,
we ended up choosing our favorite restaurant 四五六菜館 Shigoroku-saikan
If you google "best restaurants in yokohama china town" 
this restaurant will definitely comes up on the list.


Chinjao Rosu

prawns with mayonnaise

steamed dumplings

Mapo tofu

Peking duck

It was too much food for a little course meal.
Everything was so good and my stomach felt like it was going to explode!

More New Year events are going to be held there in the China town until March 5th.
If those of you living around Yokohama have a chance to go there,
that might be a great idea!

Thank you for reading
and Happy New Year!