Wednesday, February 18, 2015

::Weekend at Jindaiji::

We went to have some soba noodle for lunch on Valentine's day.
There is a temple called "Jindaiji" in Hachioji, Tokyo.
This place is famous for the local soba noodle, Jindaiji soba.

One of the most popular soba restaurants there, Yusui
People were making a line in front of this entrance 
and we waited for about 10-15 mins before they led us to our seats.

Their menu at the entrance.

I had soba noodle with some tempura.
I'm from Nagano which is also famous for soba noodle.
In my opinion, soba tastes the best when served cold like this than in warm soup.

A guy making soba in a show window.

We found a water mill wheel on the way to Jindaiji temple from the restaurant.

There were many street stalls where lots of Japanese sweets are sold.

Dango, Japanese dumplings.

I drew a fortune telling paper inside the temple.
Seems like some good things waiting ahead if I stay true to myself.

Jacket :  Duvetica
Bottom : MET denim
Boots :  KMB shoes
Bag : Saint Laurent

I got Amazake, sweet drink made from fermented rice,
which I hadn't had for a long time!
It was so much sweeter than I expected and I couldn't finish it all.

Later this day, we headed to a movie theater to see "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Actually it wasn't a movie I would recommend to someone...
This story was better and sexier only in written words in my opinion.
I liked the music in this movie though.

So this is how I spent my Valentine's day this year.
How was yours?

Thank you for reading.