Tuesday, February 9, 2016

::Pigtail & Bun::

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Though I'm not an expert in hair styling, some of my friends ask me how to do the hairdos I often wear. So I picked up two of my easiest hairdos and break them into each step to show you here.

First one is this pigtail flip updo suitable for any occasions.

Takes only 5 mins to create this!

Gather all of your hair at the point an inch or two above the height of your ears.

Don't tie it all way through.

Split the bottom part of the pony tail to make room for the hair you tied.

Flip the entire pony tail in.
If you have super long hair like I do, wrapping the end around the elastic band before flipping would make it easier.

Pin to keep it in place and hide the elastic band.

The finished look.

If you tie the pony tail more tightly, the bottom part becomes smaller and tighter.

The second one is a huge hair bun that probably everyone has done before.

This style is great for any casual and/or active days.

For the details of my kimono look above, click HERE to read the entire post.

Make a pony tail at the top of the head.

Use this fine side of a comb and tease!

This is how I look before making a hair bun.

Grab the end of the pony tail and create a bun while twisting it loosely.

Pin to keep the bun in place.

After pinning, stretch the bun to make it look messier and bigger.

Add your favorite accessory if you want.

Actually I think this big hair bun is more suitable for cheerful summer looks like this.
HERE is the link for the total summer look in kimono from last year.

Thank you for reading.


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