Monday, February 15, 2016

::Friends Night::

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I was feeling a bit down last week and needed to do something to change my mood. To hang out with fun people is the best way to spend a Saturday night! I realized I hadn't seen these guys for almost 3 months.

Lisa & Haruki, the cutest couple I know whom I need to see regularly to keep my balance. lol

We got into this restaurant, Lotus, at 3 pm and lost track of time!
We were so lazy to find another place so ordered dinner there.

Funny Sausage Man!
Thanks for making me laugh all the time. LOL

It was such a warm day like mid-spring. 
After spending about 5 hours at the restaurant, we found a cherry blossom tree in bloom.
This is called "Kawazu Sakura" which blooms in early February to give us the first sign of spring.

My very first sakura viewing in 2016.

Since it was so warm even at night, we headed to one of my favorite spots with food trucks.
I love to hang out here with a beer bottle in my hand in warm seasons.

They sell a variety of beers from around the world. 
Their food is so good as well. 

We had such a fun night talking and laughing! Thank you guys for the great time!

Thank you for reading.


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