Tuesday, January 24, 2017


日本語ver. → こちら

As the weather gets shivering cold after the New Year, it feels like spring is almost there. I already saw some plum blossoms blooming in Tokyo.

Some of my favorite kimono designers all gathered in Laforet Harajuku to temporarily open Kimono Winter Shop, and I finally got time to visit them last weekend.

Here is the OOTD details from that day :)

Lace butterfly with pink accents.

CHOKO-san's collaged obi.

And my new lace butterfly jacket by CHOKO+agris.

I tried to keep everything simple because I was going to dinner with my friends I got to see for the first time later that day.

Shiny cherry blossoms.

Aw..... Can't tell you how much I love this beautiful romantic lace.

Tried my new dark mauve lip stick.

A couple of months before cherry blossoms bloom☆

Here are 2 previous looks with the same kimono and the jacket.
Jump to each link to see the details if you are interested↓

(Dec. 2016)

(Dec. 2016)

Report on the kimonos I tried on at the winter shop is up on the next post!

Thank you for reading.


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